The Accounts API will be deprecated in April 2024. To retrieve account data, please use Pockets.

If you're following along with this guide, your first customer should be onboarded and their unique customer_id saved in the Application data model you just retrieved.

In the sandbox API, all customers have automatically generated dummy data to populate their customer accounts and account transactions. Once you have extracted the customer ID like the application ID before:


You can start using these two snippets to start examining transactions and accounts:

Customer Accounts

send_jiko_request "GET" "/api/v1/customers/$customer_id/jiko-accounts/"

Account Transactions

Retrieve the account ID from the response above, then fetch the account’s transactions, which includes ACH, card and wire transactions:

send_jiko_request "GET" "/api/v1/jiko-accounts/$account_id/transactions/"

Last updated: December 18, 2023