Partner Onboarding

Preparation: Business Customer Onboarding

Before kicking off partner onboarding, we require prospective Partners to first onboard as a Jiko business customer. This process typically takes 3 business days and will grant you full access to the Jiko platform: T-bill money storage, money movement, and our web dashboard. Onboarding as a business customer accelerates the timeline of onboarding as an API Partner and does not require any minimum funding amounts. Additionally, if you wish to utilize a Jiko facilitation account for customer funds flow, opening a business account is required. While the full list of application requirements varies by company, most business customers will be expected to provide Articles of Incorporation. Additional documentation such as Company Bylaws may be required depending on the nature and profile of your company.

Partner Onboarding Kick-off

After becoming a business customer, we estimate onboarding as a Jiko API Partner will take 4-6 weeks with consistent engagement from both sides. To get started, we’ll ask Partners to provide the following high-level information, and our Business Development team will reach out for intro calls and begin discussing commercial terms.

  • Company name
  • Business model
  • Customer base (B2B, B2C)
  • Nature of relationship (integration, referral only)
  • Regulatory licenses/certifications (e.g. bank, RIA, broker-dealer) as well as the bodies by which you are regulated
  • Projections for launch (# accounts, average account balance, etc.)

Joint Product Demos

After intro calls, we’ll kick off operational tasks starting with joint product demos. Product demos allow both teams to learn more about each other’s products and services and align on how Jiko can help your company achieve its goals. At a high level, we’re looking for:

  • How customers use your product,
  • How customers are onboarded,
  • How you envision Jiko to be integrated with or embedded into your product, and
  • Important information such as acknowledgments and disclosures. While live demos are preferred, recorded demos are also acceptable provided they cover these topics.

Due Diligence

We'll prepare a due diligence package outlining the full set of information and documentation required to onboard as a partner. If you’ve already completed onboarding as a business customer, much of this list will have already been completed. We’ll ask you to provide documents in the following business areas:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Review
  • Risk and Regulatory Compliance
  • Vendor Management
  • Information Security & IT

Customer Onboarding Options

Pass-Through Onboarding

We believe the best experience for your customers is pass-through onboarding, where customers go through your KYC onboarding process and automatically become Jiko customers without redundant steps on our side. As a chartered bank and licensed broker-dealer, Jiko has strict criteria for pass-through onboarding. If you’re a regulated Financial Institution governed by BSA rules, we may be able to certify your KYC/AML procedures. To make this determination, we’ll need copies of your KYC/AML policies and procedures, including:

  • Customer PII collected during KYC/onboarding
  • KYC/BSA verifications
  • OFAC and Financial Crimes Screening
  • Fraud mitigation measures
  • AML monitoring policy and processes
  • Any vendors you work with
  • Additional checks for other customer actions, e.g. bank account linking, ACH transfers/wires, etc.

Jiko Customer Onboarding

If you don't meet our requirements for pass-through onboarding, customers will onboard using Jiko’s KYC criteria. We'll work together to create a streamlined experience for your customers, including the option for the onboarding experience to be curated by you (so long as the required customer data is passed through the API and Jiko owns the diligence and decisioning). Jiko’s B2C data requirements for onboarding are published in our API docs, which you can use to identify and address any data gaps between our onboarding process.

Sandbox access

We'll grant sandbox access for your developers to begin implementing our APIs. Once you provide the IP addresses to add to our allowlist, sandbox credentials will be shared via a secure link.


After we complete our joint due diligence and understand the full scope of implementation, we'll begin contracting and integration. We'll send you our MSA, which includes a set of standard commercial terms that should cover the majority of partner use cases.

Last updated: October 12, 2023